Copyright Infringement

Rootical Dubber® & Rootical Dubber Enterprise Music Publishing® are registered Trade Marks those who contravene by

Copyright Infringement of the fore mention names and alliances, without written authorization will be pursue  and prosecuted under the law Article 50 of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights  you have been accordingly inform of these rights as follow…

Intellectual Property Office

World Trade Organization


Article 50

1.    The judicial authorities shall have the authority to order prompt and effective provisional measures:

(a)   to prevent an infringement of any intellectual property right from occurring, and in particular to prevent the entry into the            

channels of commerce in their jurisdiction of goods, including imported goods immediately after customs clearance;

(b)    to preserve relevant evidence in regard to the alleged infringement.

 2.    The judicial authorities shall have the authority to adopt provisional measures inaudita altera parte (He that would acquit

himself in this case as lover of truth) where appropriate, in particular where any delay is likely to cause irreparable harm to the

right holder, or where there is a demonstrable risk of evidence being destroyed.

3.    The judicial authorities shall have the authority to require the applicant to provide any reasonably available evidence in

order to satisfy themselves with a sufficient degree of certainty that the applicant is the right holder and that the applicant's

right is being infringed or that such infringement is imminent, and to order the applicant to provide a security or equivalent

assurance sufficient to protect the defendant and to prevent abuse.

4.    Where provisional measures have been adopted inaudita altera parte, the parties affected shall be given notice, without

delay after the execution of the measures at the latest. A review, including a right to be heard, shall take place upon request of

the defendant with a view to deciding, within a reasonable period after the notification of the measures, whether these

measures shall be modified, revoked or confirmed.

5.    The applicant may be required to supply other information necessary for the identification of the goods concerned by the

authority that will execute the provisional measures.

6.    Without prejudice to paragraph 4, provisional measures taken on the basis of paragraphs 1 and 2 shall, upon request by

the defendant, be revoked or otherwise cease to have effect, if proceedings leading to a decision on the merits of the case are

not initiated within a reasonable period, to be determined by the judicial authority ordering the measures where a Member's

law so permits or, in the absence of such a determination, not to exceed 20 working days or 31 calendar days, whichever is the


7.    Where the provisional measures are revoked or where they lapse due to any act or omission by the applicant, or where it is

subsequently found that there has been no infringement or threat of infringement of an intellectual property right, the judicial

authorities shall have the authority to order the applicant, upon request of the defendant, to provide the defendant appropriate

compensation for any injury caused by these measures.

8.    To the extent that any provisional measure can be ordered as a result of administrative procedures, such procedures shall

conform to principles equivalent in substance to those set forth in this Section.

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