How to Buy


1.   If you want to buy anything on this website you need to following the following steps:

2.   From product listing page click on “More Info” button and a detail page of product will open.

3.   Select Quantity that you want to buy and click on “ Add to Cart Button”.

4.   After adding the product into the cart you can go back to product listing page and add any other product if require.

5.   There is a “BASKET” button on the top right of the website through which you can see the Basket items.

6.   On basket page you can view the complete items that you are going to purchase.

7.   Before going to check out please select shipping option.

8.   Click on “Check Out” button on the basket to go on payment gateway.

9.   If you are already registered then system will take you on payment gateway page for payment otherwise system will ask you to Login/Register.

10.  After making payment system will take you back on Payment Confirmation page and a complete detail of your order will be email to you and administrator as well.

Please do let us know if you have any query or concern

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