1.       This is an Internet Only Auction. All bids must be placed on the Internet.

  2.       All bids placed on the Internet shall have the same binding effect as if they were placed at               alive auction.

  3.       Protect your user name and password, as you are responsible for all bids placed.

  4.       The bidding increments are pre-set.

  5.       All bids are time stamped.

  6.       No bids may be removed or retracted.

  7.       There is a confirmation screen for each bid placed. Make sure you are bidding the amount                 you want to before submitting the bid.

Rootical Dubber®

Reserves the right to withdraw or re-catalog the items in this auction, to change the extensiontime, to extend the closing time or cancel the auction at its own discretion in the event of technological issues or for any other reason.

Please note any bid form a legal binding contract



1) Purchasers wishing to bid for any item must first register on-line (www.rooticaldubber.com) and agree to abide by both the specific sale conditions (purchaser's terms) and the general terms & conditions.

2) All quantities, dimensions, descriptions & photographs given on the web site of www.rooticaldubber.com are for guidance only

the catalogue, placed on the bidding pages or quoted by the Auctioneer are approximate and for guidance only, and no warranties are given or implied.

3) Any bid (acceptable to www.rooticaldubber.com ) forms a legally binding contract and the purchaser is responsible to honour this.

1) Payment must be made in full within 3 Days upon receipt of invoice.

Invoices will be available in www.rooticaldubber.com  'My Account' & emailed within 1 to 3 working days of the final closing bid.

Payment can be made by the following facility


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