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  • Trevor Byfield


    Burning Bush - Jah Guide

       ''BURNING BUSH'' - ''JAH GUILDE''

    Trevor “Stepper” Byfield was born on January 4, 1950 in Mile End district, St. Ann, Jamaica. At a very early age he moved to Kingston with his mother. In Kingston, he attended junior school and then went on to Kingston Senior School. During his years at Kingston Senior School, Trevor was a regular performer at concerts put on by the school. He was always well received by his captivative audience. This early exposure built his confidence which allowed him to performed with bands such as, The Boris Gardner Happening and The Mighty Titans.


    Trevor’s first recording, entitled ‘Precious Love’, was done in the early seventies. Clive Matthews, Trevor’s schoolmate and friend, song harmony on this song. Clive and Trevor continue to this day to record, produce and make good songs together.


    In 1983 Trevor did “Are you ready” on the Foxfire label. This song did well in Canada with little or no return of the proceeds to him. Presently, he is doing a lot of work on the Rootical Dubber label, again with his schoolmate and friend, Clive Matthews.

  • Clive Matthews

    Clive Matthews - Bibliography

    “Live Not For Vanity”

    Clive Matthews         ''LIVE NOT FOR VANITY''

    Clive Matthews and Norman Vassell have pooled their musical talents and joined Rootical Dubber. The company has produced a large catalogue of original material, among them “Only Jah Is Able” and “You’re My Empress”.  Clive Matthews wrote both songs.

    live Matthews was born on September 26,1953.  He grew up in  Trench Town, the musical Mecca of Jamaica, and attended the Jones Town Primary School and Kingston Comprehensive High (formerly Kingston Senior School).

    While at Kingston Senior, Clive formed a group with a few of his classmates and sang the popular songs that they heard on theft radio, accompanied by homemade instruments – guitars made out of Sardine cans and drums made from Cardboard boxes.

    It is no surprise he gravitated toward music at an early age.  Living in Trench Town, he was exposed to many great musical talents, among the illustrious list are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Delroy Wilson, Errol Dunkley, The Wailing Soul, Abyssinians, and the Slickers.

    Clive started singing professionally at the age of sixteen.  His first recording was entitled “My Girl Has Gone”.  This was followed by “Apology” and “Live Not For Vanity”, done in the early 70’s.  Although they were good songs, they did not make an impact on the airwaves due to poor promotion and distribution.  This did not discourage Clive’s strong love for the music.

    During the 1980’s Clive met musician Derrick Barnett, bass guitarist, of the Sagittarius Band, Trevor Roper of Chalice and Norman Vassell of the Mighty Titans Band.  This association expanded his musical talent and it was at this point he did a cover version of Gladys Knight’s hit single “Hero” and an original song called “Lover Man”.  Both songs did well in Canada where he was nominated for Best Upcoming Artiste in 1995.

    Clive Matthews and Norman Vassell have pooled their musical talents and joined Rootical Dubber. The company has produced a large catalogue of original material, among them “Only Jah Is Able” and “You’re My Empress”.  Clive Matthews wrote both songs.

  • Dahlia Willams

    Dahlia Williams -


      ''I AM SORRY'' - ''MONEY PROBLEM'' 

    I am Sorry - Money Problem

    Dahlia Williams, a.k.a., Lucky Zee was born in the garden parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, on December 7, 1970. She attended Ocho Rios Primary and Ocho Rios High schools.


    Dahlia’s musical talent is a gift from God, because she cannot attribute her talent to anyone in her family. She remembers singing from as early as age six while going to school and singing at a number of school concerts. She gets her inspiration from Bob Marley, Alicia Keys and many other great stars.

    Among Dahlia’s repertoire of singles are; “I am Sorry” and “Money Problem.” These songs were arranged by Norman Vassell and produced by Rootical Dubber on the Rootical Dubber label.

    Dahlia plans to go into the studio to work on a number of her new materials that she hopes will advance her musical career internationally.

  • Damion Palmer

    Damion Palmer



    Songwriter, sing J and rapper, Damion ‘A Shine’ Palmer aka DP was born on August 31, 1982 in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

    He attended the Independence City All Age School and Bridgeport High School in Portmore.

    Damion’s love for the music was influenced by his father, Clive Matthews, who is also a singer.  He was always attracted to his father’s talent so much so that whenever his father was rehearsing at home, he would listen to the rhythm his father was working on and try to rap to it.

    He later teamed up with his schoolmate, Jermaine and together they called themselves DP & J-Style. In 2001, his father gave them the opportunity to record their first song, entitled ‘Victims’. This was done on the Rootical Dubber label at Anchor studio in Kingston.

    The duo found great encouragement with their debut recording so much so that they went on to do a second track entitled ‘We a the Youngest’.

    Unfortunately, the relationship between the two became strained and Jermaine later departed.  Not to be discouraged or to loose sight of his dream of becoming an artiste, Damion relaunched himself as a solo artiste.

    Currently he performs on stage shows with Juice TV in Ocho Rios while continues to record with Rootical Dubber. He is now working on a song entitled ‘Mama’, which promises to be a masterpiece whenever it is released.

  • Ellan



       ''I WISH''

    Ellan’s vocal range, lyrical style, and delivery distinguish her from other artists as her music is a mix of reggae, Latin, classical, jazz and gospel from her formative years of being surrounded by all genres of music influence.

    Her compositions and approach to performance exude eclecticism. She discovered her talents singing among friends and family members in her native Jamaica.

    Today Ellan shares the stage with various international artists. Her first two releases “Life is Everything” and “Man to Man”, were projects of vintage recording artist Tristan Palma. They currently enjoy local radio play and her recoding, ” I Wish “is set to make the airwaves in the near future.

    Ellan’s performance is fire and ice, light and dark, edgy yet mellow, and it leaves wanting to hear more from this fantastic vocalist. She will continue to delight audiences on the Jamaica scence and is looking forward to taking her craft to the world.

    Some of Ellan’s personal listing favourites are India Arie, Brian McKnight, Peter Tosh, Sting, Roberta Flack and Bill Withers and of course, all of which she credits with influencing her musical career.-

    Ellan wants listeners to feel joy, love her music and enjoy the moment of each song.

  • Sarah Hamilton




    Piece Of The Action

    Joan “Sarah” Hamilton was born on May 12, 1957, in the district of Bois Content, St. Catherine, Jamaica. She attended the Bois Content All Age School, and then she migrated to Kingston where she attended St. Georges College Extension and the Jamaica School of Commerce. She majored in Secretarial Studies and Accounting at Jamaica School Of Commerce.

    Sarah’s love for music, influenced by her parents, started at an early age. Although her brothers thought she could not sing, and would often mocked her, she gave this distraction no attention; and when asked, she would do renditions of the popular songs of the day at school concerts and other functions.

    In 1974 Sarah met Winston Jarrett of the Righteous Flames who invited her to the studio to work on a track with the group. This was Sarah’s first time in the studio and around a microphone. The song she worked on was entitled “Don’t Get Weary”. Sarah found encouragement in this and became determine to pursue a career in the music industry.

    She then went to Jammy’s Recording Studio where she met various artiste, renown locally and internationally, who gave her valuable pointers. Most importantly she met producer Bravo who asked her to do some tracks for him. Among the tracks she did for Bravo was a cover version of Crystal Gayle’s “Brown Eyes Blue” which got some airplay. She also did “Sorry” – a Tracy Chapman’s composition – which was released in Japan. Although the association with Bravo did not last long, valuable experiences and lessons were

    Sarah went on to work with various labels, including Majestic Sound, with which she did her most popular and first original song. This song was titled “Peace and love”, and it received satisfactory airplay.

    Currently Sarah is working on a single entitled "A Piece Of The Action" , soon to be released, on the Rootical Dubber label. She hopes this will be the big break she has been waiting on.

  • Horace Martin

    Horace Martin



                       ''WE RULE'' ''BEAUTIFUL  DREAM''

    The year was 1979 in the sunny island of Jamaica at the grand finals of the Tastee Talent Series, a young man named Horace Martin was placed third behind a young Nadine Sutherland and Paul Blake of the Blood Fire Posse.


    Horace was born of May 5, in Kingston, Jamaica started singing at age 12 and recorded his first song at age 14, entitled, Beautiful Dream.

    After Many top ten hits and four albums later, Horace martin has become a household name to many not only in Jamaica and in the rest of the Caribbean but also in Europe, America and Canada with such hits like. I will follow you, Shock Me A Shock, Lazy Body and Watermelon Man albums are Mixed Up, You’ve Changed, Horace Martin And Friends, and Horace Martin Classics, Nominated in 2004 by the Canadian Music Reggae Award for Best Single, he also awarded the male singer of the year 1995 by Canadian Reggae Music Award.


    Now a Canadian Citizen living in Mississauga, Ontario, this father of four has moved from singing about his Beautiful dream to actually living some of the. He has his own record label called, Shock out Martin with artist such as Johnny P, Horace Andy, jimmy Riley and ray I. he is currently working on his new album with King Jammy’s.


    Horace Has worked with such as Sly Dunbar, Robby Shakespeare, Beres Hammond, Burning Spear, Beenie  Man, Coco Tea and Elephant Man just to name a few. He has toured and performed in many cities such as, Massey, Talus, Paris, London, Manchester, Birmingham, New York, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton and in counties such as annual Coronation show on November 5th, 2005.


    Horace has appeared on BBC radio in England, CHRY 105.5 FM, and CKLN 88 FM, CICUT 89.FM and Break FUS in Canada, WBLK FM in New York, RJR and JBC Television in Jamaica.

    Watch out for this talented singer and comedian as he Make his film debut in a starring role in the movie< Border Klash, inspired by the novel, Dread Culture


  • Teddy Powell

    Teddy Powell


     '' Marcus Garvey ''

    (RDPB 7) 7”


     A Side

    Marcus Garvey 2.58 

    B Side

    Higher State Of Consciousness The Holy Tablet Dub 2.42

    Year 1975 – 2000

  • Ras Ja Ja

    Ras JAJA 


      ''OPPOSITE A ME''

    Higher Heights

    Born in 1968, Cleon Golding, a native of stony Hill, St Andrew, is a dub poet who has been creating waves within the local entertainment realms.

    His intriguing and lyrically sound has led to his renown stage name Ras Ja Ja, a.k.a   (The Ancient Future).

    Nephew of renowned dub poet the late “Ras Pidow” (The Modern Antique), this distinctive artist is a graduate of the Edna Manley College for the visual and Performing Arts and currently employed at The Institute of Jamaica as A Graphic Artist

    Ras Ja Ja’s musical career got underway in 1996 with his collaboration with singer Bobby Harris in a single entitled, “What a Ting”. He later performed this piece at a Human Rights Concert in December 7, 1996, which featured artist such as Tony Rebel, Mutabaruka, and Mykal Rose among others. This performance was his first major public appearance and propelled even greater exposure, giving rise to the production of his second release (also with Bobby Harris), “Pon di Plantation”.

    He was given the opportunity to share this and other of his entreating yet stirring performances at the 1998 “Rebel Salute”, one of the biggest calendar events in Jamaica. This marked the biggest break of his career...